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constraint busting scaling pathways – Photo: ctbeerwine.com

The problem we help you solve

Securing and maintaining product placement at retail is a big problem. Increased product/pack proliferation and heightened new entrant competitive activity is resulting in constrained retail and shelf space opportunities. The ability to profitably scale your brands is limited unless you find smart ways to manage or bust the constraint.

The solution we help you achieve

The charting of agile scaling pathways that single-mindedly focus on maximizing brand margin velocity at the “shelf”, and that sub-ordinate the entire value chain to overcome retail space (or other) constraints.

Why retail-space constraints matter

Brand owners, distribution channels and retail outlets form a complex regional and national network through which brands aggressively compete to reach consumers. Like all connected systems, supply and go-to-market networks experience a primary bottleneck, that constrains throughput and that determines the maximum rate of total product flow through the entire system.

For categories experiencing brand and pack proliferation, the primary bottleneck or constraint within the whole network is usually the physical and execution-oriented limitations on retail and merchandizing space.

Retailers, distributors and brand owners all need to maximize their own total margin that they generate through that limited space every day. But, maximizing profit for one stakeholder does not necessarily maximize profitability for others. Understanding the dynamics and economics of profitability at the constraint is critical for brand owners who want to scale and grow sustainably.

Smart portfolio choices, new business models and disciplined approaches to maximize margin velocity are needed.

How we help you maximize margin velocity

Every day, in every retail channel, at every product placement point, brand owners face three moments of truth when existing and new consumers consider and purchase a brand:

Is the right brand-pack consistently and conveniently available when and where consumers need it??

Is the brand a superior purchase and consumption proposition when compared to alternative choices?

Is the brand-pack's profitability superior to other portfolio choices given space constraints and the investment support needed in this channel?

We work with you to engineer the most appropriate value-chain and go-to-market strategy and approaches for your market, business and stage of development. We help you frame and make the hard choices about the nature and scope of your brand portfolio and distribution approach.

Rolling up our sleeves, and where appropriate with specific industry experts and specialists, we help you target high priority, high ROI opportunities.

Strategies and approaches would normally include one or more of the following:

Brand-led Channel Agility

Brand-led Channel Agility

Innovating agile go-to-market processes that shape sustainable demand at the point of product placement.

Lean Supply Fullfillment

Lean Supply Fullfillment

Creating and aligning lean value-chain fulfillment processes to match demand and eliminate out-of-stocks.

Cash Flow Optimization

Cash Flow Optimization

Pursuing pragmatic and sustainable growth pathways that reflect capital expansion inflection points and cash flow funding needs and realities.

Company-wide Brand Culture

Company-wide Brand Culture

Catalyzing a system-wide organizational brand culture that centers on sales performance at the retail-space constraint.

photos: Tom Harrisson; Deposit Photos; Stocksnap.io

Building constraint-busting scaling pathways is a core capability needed to achieve smart profitable growth.

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