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Manoli Kulutbanis

Smart growth strategies to profitably scale craft and specialty brands

Manoli Kulutbanis

Managing Partner

Captivated by the fast-moving, ever-shifting dynamics of consumer product markets since his early exposure to foodservice and supermarket retailing and his career with CPG brand titans, Manoli has gained a deep global industry perspective of changing market and category trends. Dual success as both a startup founder and as a corporate executive has armed him with an unrivaled experience in profitable niche-brand building and route-to-market execution.

A lean startup, lean manufacturing authority and spirited technology evangelist with an entrepreneurial streak, Manoli is often sought out to apply lean thinking to enterprise strategy as he steers new ventures, market initiatives, organizational development projects, and innovation platforms to success. By solving the tough, high-level, and sometimes-messy challenges of architecting and implementing a new business or operating model, he has built a great reputation and career on overpowering organizational inertia.

In his early years, Manoli spearheaded a full-scale operations and culture turnaround for Unilever’s largest CPG factory in the Southern Hemisphere. These achievements subsequently led to his involvement with some of the most forward-thinking business transformations in pre-democratic South Africa for companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and Cadbury. These experiences informed his executive outlook later on at SABMiller and MillerCoors, where he architected corporate strategy and drove business development, post-acquisition integration, and lean initiatives.

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