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technology-enabled brand constructs – Photo: Lakemaid Beer, YouTube

The problem we help you solve

Rapidly evolving technological breakthroughs and shifting consumer sensibilities are redefining the nature of products and the way in which those products are being perceived and experienced by consumers. As physical and digital worlds collide, market leaders are being persistently threatened and disrupted by the introduction of new channel, category and product innovations from a growing cohort of challengers and entrepreneurs.

The solution we help you achieve

The discovery of  meaningful, technology-enabled business models and innovations that can become a proprietary and embedded element of the brand engagement construct.

What we mean by technology-enabled

These are innovations, rooted in new technological breakthroughs, that significantly enhance and extend the value proposition of new or existing brands to retail customers and consumers.

Innovations can be physical technologies that impact the product, packaging or the process. They can also be physical-digital technologies that result in new route-to-market innovations or that transform the manner in which consumers experience that brand.

Technology-enabled constructs create one or more of the following outcomes and benefits for a particular brand:

An unassailable leadership advantage in a new or existing market category

Distinct and unique functional and emotional differentiators

New business models and customer/consumer engagement mechanisms

How we help you

We work with you to scope, build and execute a customized venturing framework that is geared to address your specific strategic priorities and opportunities. Normally, this is rolled-out in three phases:

[qode_circles columns=”three_columns” circle_line=”with_line”][qode_circle type=”text_type” text_in_circle_tag=”h2″ title_tag=”h4″ border_color=”#cccccc” title=”Validating a market-appropriate venture framework” text_in_circle=”Venturing Model” text_in_circle_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#0096d6″ border_width=”10″ title_color=”#636363″][qode_circle type=”text_type” text_in_circle_tag=”h2″ title_tag=”h4″ border_color=”#cccccc” title=”Building the entrepreneurial ecosystem and internal capability” border_width=”10″ text_in_circle=”Capability Network” text_in_circle_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#636363″ background_color=”#0096d6″][qode_circle type=”text_type” text_in_circle_tag=”h2″ title_tag=”h4″ border_color=”#cccccc” title=”Sourcing, seeding and scaling strategically-relevant innovations” background_color=”#0096d6″ border_width=”10″ text_in_circle=”Innovation Stream” text_in_circle_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#636363″][/qode_circles]

By 2020, brand winners will be underpinned by technology-enabled innovations and business models that are a proprietary and embedded element of the brand engagement construct

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