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Smart growth strategies for profitably scaling brands

UpScalability helps forward-thinking consumer companies frame smart growth strategies to profitably scale craft and specialty brands.

The boutique advisory firm was founded by Manoli Kulutbanis and is supported by a global partner network of experienced executives and seasoned entrepreneurs representing various specialty areas and market categories. We are growth strategists, innovation evangelists and culture catalysts that specialize in building the following two capabilities within your company:

Constraint-busting Scaling Pathways

Technology-enabled Brand Constructs

As your thought partners in these two areas, we work closely with you to create powerful strategic frameworks and new business models needed to drive sustainable future growth.

Focus on food, beverage and CPG categories

UpScalability primarily serves companies, ventures and brands in the following market categories:

  • Beer, Spirits and Wine

  • Food and Beverage

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Our customers include local and regional players as well as larger corporates. We also partner with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms to provide on-demand services and to add muscle to their portfolio companies.

Helping you solve big pain points

Our advisory and capability-building support is targeted for companies and ventures that are experiencing:

  • Ongoing fragmentation and product proliferation that is constraining retail shelf-space and placement opportunities.

  • Increased category and channel disruption due to digital and technology innovations that are changing the way customers and consumers are engaging with brands.

Making sense of complexity and ambiguity

Shifting industry dynamics and technology disruption can create go-to-market complexity and ambiguity. We help you make sense of that, so that the hard and messy problems can be tackled and solved.

Tough choices are framed so that the best fact-based decisions can be made. Challenges and solutions are translated into simple and executable priorities.

The growth strategies that we help you create are geared towards:

  • New and young brands, product and pack innovations

  • Established brands expanding to new markets

  • New business models and distribution channels

  • Digital and technology-enabled brand/product innovations

Perspective and experience matters

Instead of adopting a template and cookie-cutter approach, we bring perspective and experience to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions. Where specialist value-chain or market solutions are needed, we work with you to curate and recruit the most appropriate on-demand expert resources.

It is our philosophy to impart skills and build internal capability. This is something we strongly believe in. We mentor your teams to adopt the right type and mix of highly responsive and pragmatic agile approaches. We specialize in both lean startup and lean supply chain methodologies and know how to integrate them.

One of the hardest brand elements to replicate and scale is the “original” culture of the brand, its providence and the entrepreneurial spirit of the founding team. We help you evolve and entrench an inspiring brand culture across the entire organization that is authentic and enduring.

Smart growth strategies to profitably scale craft and specialty brands

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